Welcome to the ACERN - Australian Close Encounter Resource Network - website.

Here you can find information on all the current research of the Network.

ACERN is a resource and support network for all those with Close Encounter experiences.

ACERN is a professional organisation and as such, has several professionals available as a resource, offering information, counselling and therapy.

ACERN offers:

  • Counselling and therapeutic support
  • Telephone and Internet support
  • Access to professionals, ie Psychologists, GP etc. as well as Complementary Practitioners
  • Information
  • Research into the experiences / contact phenomenon
  • Networking with Ufology and other relevant organizations here and overseas
  • A "buddy" contact system
  • Support group activities
  • Postal information, video and audio tape resources
  • Presentation lectures relevant to this phenomenon, here and overseas

Media information and interviews

ACERN offers a specialist and unique service, which can only be maintained by your financial support.

ACERN is a non-profit organisation which receives no private or Government funding. Your support is appreciated in helping us to help others. Please consider purchasing some of the many interesting products you may find on this page.

Acern also accepts donations gratefully.

ACERN respects the privacy of all individuals.

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