The following photo was taken on the south leg of our tour Crop Circles and Contact. It occured after a series of anomalous events, ie sighting of a UFO the night before and loud noises and voices in the night, when we were all in bed.

These noises woke two of us up, although everyone else slept through the loud noises which continued for half an hour and sounded like wooden doors banging, and then heavy furniture scraping the floor (there was only lightweight wicker furniture in the room)

The pictures were taken the next day at the venue in Bunbury on 20th October at our presentation. At the time, Mary was talking about communication. The people sitting directly in front, ie a woman and her father later told us they felt a strange energy on their right side which is consistent with the 'image' in the middle of them.

This has been documented on film by a professional TV producer who was filming our trip

Buury Anomoly UFO Conference

The above photo was taken with a digital hp R707 camera, using flashlight. The image to the left hand side of Mary while she was specifically talking about the alien contact experience of Tracey Taylor, was captured at approximately 9.30pm.



The anomalous image, certainly to those who have viewed it, seems to resemble a particular extraterrestrial being, that is seen by many, many people world wide. We have also attached an example of one of the beings we are talking about.

I took a series of photographs from exactly the same position and the image was only present in one frame. As one of the world experts on this kind of specialist photography, I can assure you that the image is not a reflection of the flash on a dust or moisture particle, nor is it a camera error.

We have the original photograph on the chip of my camera, as it was taken. No filters have been used, what you see is exactly the image as it was taken by the camera. We have however attached an enlarged image of the particular anomaly, for clarity. (See below).

Janet Ossebaard

Alien Example Image

Hi Mary,

I did some basic filtering and came up with the additional information:

I have taken the opportunity to mark points of interest on the image you sent me. Other than the two orbs sighted in the picture there is a third orb (see <1 marked in yellow) in the back row, which may be a result of lenses flare. Point two (see 2>) however, is most intriguing. It shows a stream of, what I believe to be etheric energy. I will explain the reason behind my speculation a little later on.

You can see this stream flowing from the far right hand of the image. Furthermore, it appears to reflect at point three (3>) then flows into a figure which is barely visible at point four (4>). The figure appears to be etheric in nature, whether it is a human originated etheric energy or an astrally projected etheric energy that may not be local, your guess is good as mine! I have also attached a direct image of this entity for your information (Anomaly.jpg).

I've done some filtering of the image that indicates an orb beside you (reducing glare). If the filtered image does show the true nature of the light emitting body, then all I can say is wow! It appears that the little one is looking directly at the camera (may have startled him/her/it).

I've recently been conducting some studies in Electronic Disturbance Phenomenon. Some of the images that came through were astounding (see attached images). I've also done experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), which confirmed that there is a definitive presence under my roof.


Alien Example Image 2

  • Attila Pix 4

    Face One Enhanced with Contrast

  • Atilla Pix 5

    Face Two Enhanced

  • Atalia Pix 3


  • Atilla Pix 5

    ET Image (to the right of the lady's head in the spotted blouse)

Following is a letter received by Mary in response to the Conference:

Hi Mary

What a wonderful evening last night! Both my husband and I attended and we thought it was fantastic. It answered a lot of questions in my mind.

You won't believe this or maybe you will.

When we got back to our car which was parked in # 7 car park. We noticed a light on near our car. When walking towards the car, I thought it was carpark lighting or there was another car parked nearby with a light on. When we reached our car we noticed one of our park lights was on and there were no other cars in the carpark. We did not leave any lights on in the car. We have a BMW and it would have chimed had we left any lights on. I wonder why one park light was on and not the other? When we got inside the car the switch was set to off? I stood outside the car while Peter switched on the lights and then off again. They all went off. I asked him to put on the parking lights and they both worked! So bizarre. We have had our car for 4 years now and this has NEVER happened before. I thought I would let you know as you did mention strange things have happened at and after your talks. We were not expecting this and we cannot explain it.

Keep up the great work. We loved the talks and Janet was brilliant.

Kind regards