It was on the July 20th 2004 that I had an experience which involved seeing (what I now believe) was a "light being."


My Light Experience ImageI had gone to bed and my wife was sleeping on my right side. I fell asleep. I was suddenly awoken by a very strong presence in my bedroom. I looked and to my left appeared this " being" which was glowing a "gold yellow" colour. I tried to wake up my wife, but I could not arouse her. I shook her, but she still would not wake up.

By this time I was very scared, I could feel my adrenaline was rushing. The light being figure started to walk towards me or drift towards me - I can't remember how it moved, but it did. As it came towards me, I remembered what Mary Rodwell had said to me. To try to be be at peace with your fears and try to talk to them and ask them about why they are there.

As I did this " the being" came closer. I then blacked out andI didn't remember anything else until the next morning. I wasn't aware of any "time anomaly. But there could have been one.

Now it doesn't scare me so much because I know I can email Mary if I need to. She helps with support and advice. I also write down any strange experiencies as they happen. They may not make sense now, but in the future I feel sure they will.

I would like other experiencers to contact me - my email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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I would also like to mention Mary's book AWAKENING which has been a God send to me. It has information and strategies to help you cope and to be at peace with these experiencies, as hard as it is, I know from my own experiences how hard it can be.

Michael Ruthurford
(UK) September 2004