Ann Andrews and her family visited Western Australia in November 2000, not just to see a beautiful part of Australia, but to meet all those here she had connected with so deeply.

Ann Andrews happened to live 12,000 miles from her native England, being myself and members of the organization called ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) based in Perth, WA. How this happened is a fascinating story in itself, but this article is more especially to relate Ann's experiences with the Ufology enigma of the "missing pregnancy" syndrome.

Ann's third pregnancy was confirmed by normal medical procedures. Later, Ann awoke from an 'Abduction/contact experience' to find that she was no longer pregnant. The consequences of this experience for Ann were devastating, emotionally and psychologically, and certainly coloured her feelings about ET's and their involvement with humanity. However, what she discovered through regression was a far cry from what she had initially believed. I was, in a small part, the facilitator for her amazing discovery. This is Ann's story.

I read Ann's book, 'Abducted' very soon after it was published in the UK. It is set in rural England, and tells a 'classic' tale of human and ET Contact and it encapsulates for me many of the Extraterrestrial Contact 'stories'.

Ann and her family were faced with a series of terrifying and bewildering events, which escalated once they had their second son, Jason. Ann's manner conveys to those who meet her, to be a gentle, unassuming, balanced and practical lady with her feet planted very firmly on the ground, certainly not someone given to fantasies. This is also true of Paul, her practical, no-nonsense husband. They did all the normal things a caring, but bewildered family does when faced with experiences, which were way beyond their understanding. They sought help from professionals in the hope that they could explain the unexplainable. Why her son Jason, from a very early age, was terrified at night, disturbed by unusual, and frightening dreams? This was apart from the strange 'paranormal phenomena' and poltergeist activity they experienced, with the continual harassment from covert governmental forces. They knew no one could help with that.

Ann's main concern and focus through her story ('Abducted') is centered around Jason. A book she co-authored with a professional writer Jean Ritchie. Jason is her second son, the eldest Daniel, who was also involved with Contact experiences, but in a less confronting way it seemed. Jason was fortunate to be born alive and healthy. Ann relates that she was given a very poor prognosis at the end of her second pregnancy; the doctors warned her baby was not expected to live. The mystery was he was not only born alive, but a healthy baby. From the beginning, there were many strange occurrences around Jason. The book 'Abducted' highlights some of the more unusual, but particularly mentions the 'trauma' and fear that were part of his everyday life, even from a small child.

Jason was part of a caring and loving family, who struggled to understand his many fears. When finally desperation led his parents to take Jason to see a psychiatrist. Jason, was relieved the psychiatrist was prepared to listen to him, but soon became disappointed when 'she' the psychiatrist, was plainly unable to accept the strange world that was Jason's reality. But, fortunately for Jason, she found no evidence of mental illness. To allay his difficulties with his 'insomnia' and fear at night, she prescribed medication. To Jason, this was less than satisfactory, Jason was frustrated that his experiences were still 'negated' and his response to this was extreme behavior that became increasingly aggressive and disruptive. Ann and Paul were at a loss to know what to do next.

By chance, a television program on hypnosis was the 'catalyst' that opened the Andrew's family to the understanding of what Jason had been trying to tell them all along. This program showed a man being hypnotized, who subsequently revealed he had experienced Extraterrestrial contact. When Jason saw this, he erupted with anger and said that no one should want to know and this is what he had being trying to tell them. Daniel also said that he too knew all along. This episode, more than any other, was instrumental in giving Ann and her husband Paul the clue as to the possible 'reality' of this experience. Before this episode, Ann admits that 'alien Contact' was such a bizarre concept they understandably assumed Jason's experiences were the product of Jason's imagination. Now, finally, they both knew they must explore this further. It was with some anxiety and determination their search led them to a well-known, very supportive Ufologist and researcher Tony Dodd. A policeman, who had witnessed sighting several UFO's himself and disclosed in his own book, 'Alien Investigator' that he too had had ET related contact. He provided an invaluable support for Ann and her family during the many months of integrating this confronting and bizarre fact her son was not only speaking the truth about his ET Contact, but Contact was very real experience for many millions of people all over the world.

Ann ultimately learnt that this 'contact' was not just with Jason, but also Daniel, Paul and herself. The many confusing 'jigsaw' pieces of the family's experienced through their life were finally beginning to make sense. However, this opened up more challenges for her as she learnt of the possibility that this contact extended beyond her immediate family to her own father and her siblings. The deeper she delved into this, the more challenges emerged. Such was the courage of this family; they decided to tell their story as a way of helping others with similar experiences. Ann had suffered greatly because she had felt she had let Jason down by dismissing his experiences, as they were so beyond anything she had knowledge of. This 'guilt' haunts her still. The book was her way of informing people that this experience has a reality and also a way of finally demonstrating to Jason her sorrow for not believing him and now that he had her total support of him.