These beings were my family before I came to the earth domain and a close relationship with them was continued after my birth. I was fearful of my experiences because I didn't know why. But, there has always been an equal exchange:

I helped them achieve their genetic goals and in return I received my healing and psychic abilities, and my understanding of life has been enhanced. Understanding can be overshadowed by fear which stems from limited human perceptions to these experiences."

Tracey Taylor: experiencer - Chapter 8 "Awakening".

Tracey Taylor, is one of the adult generations of Star seeds. Star seeds or star kids are individuals who believe they have incarnated in human form from their Star families, and have agreed to participate in programs for the evolution of humanity. Many of them have conscious recall of their mission and their connections to non- human intelligences. In recent years I have been fortunate to speak to a number of the younger generations of star kids, about what they understand of their connections to these intelligences, their encounters with them and how they understand their mission. The discussions were in the presence of one or both parents. These are adults who have been amazed by what their child had told them. Some of the interviews were conducted physically or through Skype. All the children mentioned in this article are 10 years old and under. "Star Children Speak" is a compilation of these discussions. The children ask us, the adults to listen.

The information discussed here is conscious recall from the children and spontaneous, no hypnosis has been used at any time. In my discussions the children asked me to be precise in my questioning. It is also important to allow for the simplicity of some of their explanations of the more profound experiences, because of the ages of the children and occasional inadequacy of language skills. In one case, Cathy, her responses were translated from another language. I have attempted to remain faithful to the precise way the child articulated their responses. Readers will notice the surprising mix of child and mature adult terminology for the more complex scientific and spiritual information.

The understanding of their planetary mission, the familial connection to specific extraterrestrials and spiritual beings as guides, 'spirit friends'. Also described is the experience of soul transfer, knowledge of advanced technologies, stargates, the quantum nature of the Universe, dimensions, downloaded information for the building of advanced technologies. and the nature and personalities of the extraterrestrials they encounter. What is taught on the craft, and where they are taken and what for. What they believe as to their true genetic origins, the awareness of profound spiritual and metaphysical truths and how difficult their task is on this planet. They have also demonstrated abilities of a super psychic nature, can perceive energy fields, telepathic ability, recall of past lives. Some articulate unusual star languages and scripts, as well as drawings of the craft and some can draw their nonphysical spirit and ET guides as well as knowing where they come from. They explain their soul journey and what needs to happen on this planet for us to wake up.