I met Mary through a friend at their home, she had mentioned to Mary what had been happening to me, K, the kids and the dog; and Mary wanted to see the photographs of the marks left on me.

(Later she also saw the slice and repair behind my earlobe - something that had happened only the afternoon previously.)

Neither K, nor I, had any former knowledge of the 'alien abduction' subject - never read any books or watched any films with pesky aliens carving up people. In fact when the TV series 'Taken' came out, a few years afterwards, it copied the finger marks left on me and a drawing I had made (both I had put up on the internet). It was after this 47 days, yes 47 days (I kept a diary), of intense 'psychic' and physical activity that many puzzling episodes in my life began to make sense; experiences that I occasionally recalled yet I had never been able to explain - and many of them occurring whilst in the company of others, who remembered them too, and were equally as mystified. Anyway, I am more fortunate than most (as well as a nuisance to some), I suppose, because I have evidence of these things occurring to me - photographs, companion witnesses, at least one scar. Yes, I am side-lined by the cliques in the alternative fields, as well as mainstream; why, I don't know, because nobody tells me, but I also don't care what they think, they weren't there. K and I know that we experienced 47 days in a world that became like a kaleidoscopic scrabble board churned in a vortex punctuated by a world of pretence - that everyone else thought was real. The pieces of our 'normal' world were shattered and scattered like an Oppenheimer dessert (ironically, considering my birthday)...and yet, we had to get on with our daily lives and responsibilities. There was nobody to talk to. Every expert and professional we met had no idea i.e. they couldn't cope. Hopeless!

K was at her wits end, terrified; day after day, night after night we spun through this whirlpool of worlds in collision, nothing was reliable any more. Technology at home and at work did what it wanted, when it wanted. Ordained reality became maybe...or maybe not. Impossibilities became the norm. I had no answers for K; nothing that would or could settle her anyway. She saw, felt, heard, sensed in every way what was occurring around and to me...and then it began to involve her physically and psychically as well. She was launched through walls as spears of multi-coloured lights flashed around us; she was injected while attempting to stop me from being dragged away. How many could go through what she went through and stay? She did. She fought her fear and she stood by me; and although she still does not want to 'go public' (because of the ridicule and ignorant indoctrination, behaviour and attitudes of people who have never been through what we have) she still does. She no longer has the fear she had and that 'healing' for her began with what Mary did; Mary listened, and she had confidence in her. Mary was the only person we met, at that traumatic time, who had the skill to help and the compassion to listen. Mary gave us her time and she expressed her humanity, and gave it to us freely.

Why I wasn't anywhere near as traumatised as K did mystify me but it doesn't any longer. Throughout this stage in my journey from April 1996 the scrabble pieces of my life has been frequently redirected, re-polished and re-assembled into at least one coordinated spectrum; a remembrance and realisation of who I am, of my journey and the reason for my presence here. It has been an uneasy yet spiritually enlightening journey that would not have happened without that 47-day (Tarot) Tower-strike; and since that April, May and June in 1996 the Tower has been rebuilt only to be ravaged again (several times) - but never since as formidably as then. I have learnt that there is nothing certain; surety is not security. Every aspect of Creation, life, is mutable, replaceable, and incapable of being understood by human beings at their present level of awareness. Every one of us is on a unique to us, personal journey yet we all have one goal, one aspiration. Though there are infinite paths none of them are straight, all of them have highs and lows, diversions and distractions, temptations, perils and pitfalls, yet there is only one destination, and that is Truth.

My perceptions in everything I experience continually change because every aspect of me is forever shifting. I am more out of this world than in it, it's a struggle to be here, but be here I must, and when I lose sight of that I am unceremoniously dumped back here to engage with a world that is overwhelmed by delusions, deception, cruelty, disrespect, glory-seeking and exploitation, a human race that has lost its way, and itself; and each time I wonder whether my spirit and sensitivity can take it any more.