The first conscious awareness of my contact experiences began when I was 24. I started to have memories of contact. Just for a split second, like flashbacks.

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I noticed that a number of changes were manifesting in these experiencers. We had a group of them meeting monthly for years, and cross conversations within these meetings further flushed out the data.

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Northern Chile has begun witnessing a new wave of UFO sightings in recent days. There have been reports of people seeing strange flying objects on a daily basis within the past two weeks.

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Who are the people that acknowledge the abduction/contact experience as a reality? They are people from all age groups, cultures and professions:

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The Star Kids Project, Ltd is a non-profit organization which serves Star Kids, their parents, families and friends, and Star Seeds, adults with star heritage.

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In July 2004, just before the wonderful review of the video Expressions series, by Duncan Roads, Bradley De Neise producer/ideograph of both 'Expressions' videos became ill and died, after a short, but brave fight with cancer.

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READERS DIGEST EXCLUSIVE POLL- (Australian Edition July 2005), Who think we're alone? Not many of us according to Readers Digest's survey asking Australians about intelligent life beyond planet Earth.

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Crop circles are organized harmonic forms that manifest around the world, the result of an energy interacting with the physical world - in this case plants. This energy is comprised of light, sound and magnetism.

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Many people believe that aliens are communicating with us today in many different ways, but it seems there is just no real meat that we can sink our teeth into to prove it.

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In this article, we build a hypothesis that the current generation of indigo children may be associated with the Visitor/Close-Encounter phenomenon. I ask the whether this generation might be influenced by

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NO!, don't look up, it's not that kind of star. In case Venus or Celine Dione jumped to mind. Really, I suppose it's a matter of interpretation. Anyway, from my point of observation at the Vancouver Library, I was clearly watching one.

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Australian born Tracey Taylor has expressed artistic gifts from a young age. Tracey found herself inspired by the natural beauty of this planet along with a sensitivity to energy. This ability allowed her to visually perceive and consciously interact with usually unseen realities.

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The intimate connection. The human connection to extraterrestrial intelligences does it transcend space and time?

I believe we are trying to explore a MULITVERSE through the eye of a needle.

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I have just returned from Laughlin, and still a bit jet lagged, but I thought you would like to have a quick summary of what my week was like. I had a full agenda there.

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