Our discussion will be about THE NEW HUMANS- a race of hybrid children with the abilities to function as multidimensional beings. For several generations, the hybrid program has been creating a species that is spiritually and psychically advanced and preparing them to exist on the newly evolved fifth dimensional earth.

Listen to the Interview here

MARY RODWELL – The Star Kids Project, SHARON McCORMICK – The Hybrid Children Community.

LEARN more about the fascinating children who are arriving on earth with advanced abilities and operate on a new frequency. Here is just a partial list of their advanced abilities: multi-dimensional awareness; telepathic abilities; telekinesis; multi dimensional healing abilities; dual consciousness–feeling part human and part extra terrestrial; memories and knowledge of their star origins and continued schooling and data downloads on the star ships.

Meet Sharon McCormick who together with Bridgett Nielsen has a website called The Hybrid Children Community that says, "The hybrid children are a genetic blend of human and extraterrestrial DNA. Further, these children are incredibly beautiful beings with very high, loving vibrations. They are "step up transformers" which will accelerate our consciousness, hearts and ascension process. They will add an infinite and unimaginable amount of love, expansion, wonder, joy, creativity and peace to our lives. "

Listen in as we interview Mary Rodwell, the founder and Principal of ACERN Australian Close Encounter Resource Network and VP of the Star Kids Project Ltd. which she runs with Dr. Richard Boylan. They propose that there is an astonishing link between the hybrids and ADD and Austism. due to the higher frequency that the new beings operate in.

Perhaps we can learn from the children as we ouselves awaken and broaden our own reality, removed from fear and in full consciousness, to join the Fifth Root Race as it emerges onto the planet and as we shatter the reigning beliefs, we will together all transform into a new race.