Following is a letter of recommendation from Mary to a professional enquirer

Re: your request on what CD to recommend given their individual needs. The following are part of the Inner Alchemy Series

Music by David Sandercock, Simply Sensational

By Mary Rodwell

Price: 29.95

Inner Peace

Restore your inner balance and harmony. Rediscover serenity and stillness, and find the calm you've been looking for

Chakra Activator

Learn to activate and use your chakras. Discover the source of your spiritual power. Energize your psychic abilities and harmonize your mind and body

Creating Abundance

Create abundance in all areas of your life. Wealth, health or strong relationships, manifest the life you desire

Destiny Master

Be the master or your own destiny. Create success, love and happiness, all that is truly your very own destiny


Astral Travel

Learn to Astral Travel. Explore new worlds and other dimensions. Enter the spirit realm and meet spiritual masters, journey to the far reaches of the universe and beyond


Inner Child

Reconect to your Inner Child. Rediscover your youth and the magic that is life


Angelic Realms

Gain wisdom, compassion and strength fom the Angels. Connect with the archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Ariel and more


Ascended Masters

Gain wisdom, compassion and strength fom the Ascended Masters. learn to feel the energies of the Enlightened Ones. Let them guide you on your life's journey



Release all negative karma. Purify and energise your soul. Let go of all preprogrammed negative emotions and habits


Be Clairvoyant

We all have the power of prophecy inside us. Learn to tell the future and access your highe mind. Awaken all of you psychich sences


Meet Your Spirit Guides

Metaphysical/spiritual in that most will need to believe they have a "higher self" or source or spiritual help or a Guardian Angel etc. For those seeking a closer/ experiential connection to those spiritual sources of guidance and support. Particularly helpful for those feeling very alone and isolated.

Connect with your very own spirit guides. Communicate with your angelic helpers. Gain guidance from beyond


Explore Past Lives

Remember your past lives. Gain insights to your soul's journey, and gain wisdom to the very reason for your existence


Inner Healer

This is a good general creative relaxation for all kinds physical and emotional illness, especially illness of the obvious emotional/psychological base. It offers empowerment, and tools to help individuals take responsibility for their healing. ie Backpain, Hypertension, Migraines, heart conditions, Diabetes etc

Connect to you body's own healing system. Learn to heal yourself and others. Take control of your health, for a more fulfilled and loving life


Connect to the Wise You

This one helps with those unsure how to connect and trust their inner wisdom/selves. Individuals that feel isolated, confused, unable to make decisions. Feeling lost, seeking answers and new direction.

Connect to your higher self. The answers are inside of you. Make the right decisions in your life



Release all toxins from your body. Purify and revitalize your body mind and spirit. Make your body new again


Contacting Departed Loved Ones

Reconnect with the soul of te deceased. Journey to the afterlife. Comunicate with the afterwold, and gain messages and insight from beyond


Transcend Fear

Take control of all fears and eradicate them from your life. Transform fear into a powerful creative force. Overcome all limiting belief systems


Connect to your Power Animal

Connect with Mother Nature. Promote both personal and global healing. Clear energy spaces and create a positive enviroment. Let Earth help you manifest all you desire

Connect to Mother Earth

Restore your inner balance and harmony. Rediscover serenity and stillness, and find the calm you've been looking for


Opening the Third Eye

Awaken and activate your psychic center. increase all your psychic abilites. Learn to see through the veil of the physical world and unlock the secrets of the other dimensions