Expressions of ET Contact - The Sound Track, By David Sandercock

2003 International UFO Film Congress Laughlan USA "Best Musical Score In A UFO Documentary" EBE Award

This digital CD is a compilation of the inspirational work of David Sandercock, B.Mus. (Hons.), L.Mus., a talented musician, living in Perth, Western Australia.


Expressions of ET Contact DVD CoverIt contains the original musical score, samples of 'Alien Speech' and other musical elements, which are carefully interwoven to create the 'tapestry' of "Expressions of ET Contact". This unique and original creation earned David the distinction of "Best Musical Score within a Documentary", at the International UFO Congress Film Festival, where the video "Expressions of ET Contact - A Visual Blueprint?" was entered.

This video, produced and directed by Bradley De Niese and Mary Rodwell (author of the book "Awakening"), was also awarded the 1999 "EBE" Award at the same International UFO Congress Film Festival, in Nevada, USA, for the category - "Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary." Enjoy!

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