Research into "Homo Noeticus" Star Children INDICATORS OF STAR CHILDREN


Feel more connected to the 'stars' than earth?

  • Feel very 'different' to your parents or siblings, almost like your have been adopted?
  • Feel that there is no one the same as you?
  • Feel very drawn to a universal spirituality
  • Feel you have a 'mission' or purpose that you are not conscious of yet?
  • Feel your body seems very 'dense' or 'bulky?'
  • Feel very 'connected' to all living things?
  • Feel passionate about the planet and caring for it?
  • Feel the impulse to draw unusual symbols or pictures?
  • Feel the urge to draw the faces of 'unusual' beings?
  • Feel the 'urge' to speak in a 'strange' language, which somehow feels very familiar to you?
  • Feel 'constantly' watched or observed?
  • Feel that you are being touched when resting or sleeping by something or someone?
  • Feel you are 'sharing your consciousness' with another being?
  • Feel you can sometimes be in two places at once?
  • Feel you can visit or see other 'places/planets' with your consciousness?
  • Feel that someone is speaking 'telepathically' to you sometimes?
  • Feel determined to have a very holistic, healthy mainly 'vegetarian' diet?
  • Feel you have 'unusual' small objects implanted in your body?
  • Feel you have got 'unusual' strange children somewhere else?
  • Feel you can hear people's thoughts?
  • Feel drawn to travel to remote places?
  • Feel a 'strong' connection or 'pull' to a strange planet, which feels like home?


Aware of healing energy in your hands?

  • Can see aura's, colours or energy fields around people?
  • Dream that your 'body' or mind, has been changed or altered in someway?
  • Aware of 'different' energies from people?
  • Have 'dreams' where you feel you are attending an 'unusual' school?
  • Have out of body experiences, feel you are going through walls or windows?
  • Have dreams where you are flying?
  • Have 'difficulty' at times being in crowds of people?
  • Aware of 'past lives as human or extra-terrestrial?'
  • Aware of being in a dual reality at times?
  • Aware of events before they happen?
  • Aware of information/knowledge in your head that you have not consciously learnt?
  • Have played or known to have 'unusual' imaginary friends?


  • See strange beings either physically with your eyes or with your inner eye?
  • Have 'energy' surges in your body sometimes?
  • Have 'marks' or 'scars' on your body that you cannot explain?
  • Wake up with 'nose bleeds'?
  • Learnt to speak, walk, earlier than average?
  • Become very distressed when any living thing is harmed or killed?
  • See UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects?)
  • Fascinated by UFOs or the possibility of ET life forms?
  • Drawing unusual writing or scripts?
  • Notice that sometimes your thoughts can affect lights or objects?
  • Electrical equipment reacts erratically around you?
  • You have difficulty wearing a watch?
  • Have found that occasionally your body will spontaneously levitate?
  • Woken up and felt you had been healed in some way?
  • Have memory gaps in your childhood?
  • Have 'paralyzing' dreams, where you feel you are awake, but cannot move?
  • Experience missing or 'extra' time episodes?
  • Have or had difficulty fitting in at school or in life generally?
  • Have a sensitivity/ allergy to many pollutants, or drugs?
  • Have sensitive/acute hearing?
  • Irregular 'sleep' patterns?
  • Experience strange or unusual psychic or paranormal phenomena around you?
  • Low vital signs, ie - slower heart rate 60 - 70 beats per minute?
  • Lower blood pressure and body temperature than normal?


Clowns, Father Christmas, Owls, Spiders, large Insects, Cats or Wolves?

  • Fear of the dark, closet, long passage ways, elevators, even when adult?
  • Rooms without curtains?
  • Of certain locations?
  • React with excessive fear to medical surroundings, procedures and/or needles