Indicators of CONTACT / ABDUCTION Experiences

Note: If you find you have a high percentage of positive answers and the questionnaire disturbs you in some way, then you may like to explore this in more depth through contacting ACERN.


Do you:

  • Have unexplained marks, scars, bruises or rashes on your body?
  • Regularly wake up with nosebleeds?
  • See strange non-human figures?
  • Have dreams where you cannot move?
  • Regularly hear unusual buzzing or high-pitched sounds?
  • That you are sensitive to sounds or lights?
  • Have any unusual lumps or bumps on your body that you cannot explain?
  • That you are unable to wear watches or that electrical appliances such as computers, malfunction
    around you?
  • See UFO's, or stars in the sky making impossible manoeuvres?
  • See unusual mists or fogs?
  • Experienced "extra;" or "missing time" such as arriving much later or sooner than expected?
  • Wake up in a place other than where you remember going to sleep?
  • Find possessions or clothing arranged differently to before you went to sleep?
  • Have insomnia or abnormal sleep patterns?
  • See beams or balls of light that could not be explained


Do you dream of:

  • Spacecraft or non-human beings?
  • Medical procedures, or examinations being performed on you?
  • Animals, deer, owls, wolves, grey cats?
  • Being in classrooms taking unusual tests?
  • Having some kind of healing done on you?
  • Barren or desolate, desert like landscapes?
  • Catastrophic events, such as earthquakes or tidal waves?
  • Hospitals, large amphitheatres, or underground facilities?
  • Flying and passing through walls or ceilings?
  • Being unconscious?
  • Choking on thick substances like mud?
  • Being pursued or rescued?
  • Unusual children?


Do you:

  • Consider yourself to be more open minded than the average person?
  • Consider yourself to be an environmentalist?
  • Feel very connected to all living things?
  • Feel drawn to vegetarian diets or mostly so?
  • Believe life exists on other planets?
  • Experience altered states, such as OBE's? (Out of the Body Experiences)
  • Feel that you do not belong, or feel different to everyone else?
  • Feel a sense of purpose of mission, but do not know what it is?
  • Feel a sense of longing or connectedness to the stars?
  • Feel you know things, but shouldn’t talk about it?
  • Feel observed or watched?
  • Feel the need, or pull, to go to isolated places sometimes, without knowing why?
  • Feel different to your siblings and even your parents?
  • Have awareness of knowledge that you have not consciously learnt?
  • Awareness of the non-physical, can see energy around people?
  • Feel you are psychic or clairvoyant, with good intuitional abilities?
  • Feel attracted to exploration of your spirituality?
  • Have little interest in materialistic values?
  • Fear the dark, even as an adult?
  • Fear sleeping near a window?
  • Fear your closet?
  • Very fearful of images of UFO’s or ET images?
  • Dislike clowns or fearful of them?
  • Have a phobia of needles?
  • Fear spiders, crickets or preying mantis?
  • Have memory gaps, especially around childhood or puberty?
  • Receive telepathic messages, or feel your mind shared by an ET being?

These questions are only an ‘indicator’ of possible CONTACT experiences.  They can act as a ‘trigger’ for other memories if you do have CONTACT experiences