Books related to the UFO, Abduction and Contact Phenomenon. There is a huge range of books about ET Contact phenomenon available through most large bookshops. Listed in this article are just a few of the many you can choose from.



I have listed the specific areas that certain books focus on and in the Science section of many bookstores, you will find reference books, which focus on the hard physical evidence of the reality of Extraterrestrial presence in our skies, particularly those documenting sightings of UFO's with photographs. The more esoteric, or spiritual aspects of this experience, will be in the self-help or New Age/Metaphysical section.

The Complete Book of UFOs Jenny Randles, P Hough
The Oz Files Bill Chalker
Witnessed Budd Hopkins
An Alien Harvest Linda Moulton Howe
Glimpses of Other Realities Volume 1 Linda Moulton Howe
Glimpses of Other Realities Volume 2 Linda Moulton Howe
Alien Base Timothy Good
The UFO Experience - A Scientific Inquiry Dr J Allen Hynek
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind C D B Bryan
Unconventional Flying Objects P R Hill
UFO Quest Alan Watts
UFO Visitation Alan Watts
UFO's (Reports of Australian Encounters) Keith Basterfield
The Aliens and the Scalpel Dr Roger Leir
Abduction Dr J Mack
Passport to the Cosmos Dr J Mack
Close Extraterrestrial Encounters
Encounters Edith Rore Ph.D.
Intruders Budd Hopkins
Missing Time Budd Hopkins
The Watchers Raymond Fowler
The Allagash Abductions
The Tujunga Canyon Contacts Ann Druffel & Scott Rogo
Alien Dawn Colin Wilson
Oz Files Bill Chalker
Alien Investigator Tony Dodd
The Andreasson Affair Raymond Fowler
Direct Encounters Judith Gansberg & Alan Gansberg
The Janos People Frank Johnson
UFO's and Abductions in Brazil Irene Granchi
Shamanism and Alien Abductions Simon Harvey-Wilson
The Interrupted Journey John Fuller
Secret Life David Jacobs Ph.D.
Above Top Secret Timothy Good
The F.B.I. Files Nicholas Redfern
The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell Keith Basterfield
Left at the East Gate Larry Warren
Psychic Warrior David Morehouse
The Philadelphia Experiment & Other UFO Con Brad Steiger and S Hanson Steiger
Open Skies Closed Minds Nick Pope
The Uninvited
Top Secret Stanton Friedman
The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials Patrick Huyghe
Faces of the Visitors K Randle and R Estes
Alien Discussions Andrea Pritchard
Spiritual Emergencies S Grof
A Farther Shore Y Kason MD and T Degler
The Omega Project Kenneth Ring
Close Extraterrestrial Encounters R J Boylan, PH.D.& L Boylan
Laboured Journey to the Stars
Encounter Edith Rore
Reaching for Reality Constance Clear M.S.W.
Healing Shattered Reality Alice Bryant & Linda Seebach
Cosmic Voyage Courtney Brown
Psychic Warrior David Morehouse
Remote Perceptions Angela Thompson Smith
Legacy from the Stars Dolores Cannon
Keepers of the Garden Dolores Cannon
The Custodians - Beyond Abduction Dolores Cannon
Abduction Dr J Mack
Passport to the Cosmos Dr J Mack
Communion Whitley Strieber
Transformation Whitley Strieber
Breakthrough Whitley Strieber
The Secret School Whitley Strieber
The Communion Letters Whitley Strieber
In the Presence of Aliens Janet Bergmark
Encounter Kelly Cahill
Abducted Ann Andrews & Jean Ritchie
Connections B Oblings & Anna Jamerson
The Ultimate Alien Agenda James Walden Ed .D
Summoned Dana Redfield
ET-Human Link Dana Redfield
Abducted Debbie Jordan & Kathy Mitchell
Searchers Ron Felber
Intruders in the Night Ron Felber
Beyond My Wildest Dreams Kim Carlsberg
Lost was the Key Leah A Haley
The Excyles Ma Adamas
Into the Fringe Karla Turner Ph.D
Alien Jigsaw Katharina Wilson
A Time to Remember Joy S Gilbert
Uri Geller, My Story Uri Geller
Co-Evolution Alec Newold
Abduction to the Ninth Planet M Desmarquet
Link - An Extraterrestrial Odyssey Dr J Reed & R Raith
Star Children Jenny Randles
The Millennium Children Caryl Dennis with Parker Whitman
The Indigo Children Jan Tober & Lee Carroll
ET / Human Link - We are the Message Dana Redfield
UFO Healings Preston Dennett
We Come as Friends Peter Michaels
Prism of Lra Lyssa Royal & K Priest
Visitors from Within Lyssa Royal & K Priest
Preparing for Contact Lyssa Royal & K Priest
ETs and the Explorer Race Robert Shapiro
Journey into the New Millennium Wendy Munro
The Books of Enoch Joseph Milk
The Only Planet of Choice P Schiemmer
The Other Brad Steiger
Sixth Sense Stuart Wilde
Fingerprints of the Gods Graham Hancock
The Monuments of Mars Richard C Hoagland
The Earth Chronicles Zachariah Sitchkin
The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot
The Holotrophic Mind Stanislav Grof
Beyond Supernature Lyle Watson
Architects of the Underworld Bruce Rux
The Genesis of the Grail Kings Laurence Garcher
The Spaceships of Ezekiel J F Burnrich
The Super Gods Maurice Cotterell
Channelling Jon Klimo
Journeys Out of the Body Robert Munroe
Aliens Among Us Ruth Montgomery
The God Hypotheses Joe Lewels Ph.D.
The Bible
The Bible and Flying Saucers Barry H Downing
Flying Saucers, A Modern Myth of Things See in the Skies Carl Jung
The Gnostic Gospels E Pagels
The Cosmic Connection Michael Hessemann