When I grew up I had no one to turn to and no one understood what I was talking about or why I acted and behaved the way I did, that I was an Experiencer and a  Contactee.

If my mother and other family members would have been able to listen to Mary Rodwell and to read her books maybe my childhood would have been  totally different, more balanced and loving.

I´m coming out of the 'space closet' as Mary calls it. I do that as a private person/Experiencer but also with all the knowledge I've collected through the years as a scientist and a therapist. I´m coming out so that people like me, and especially children like I was, can connect and feel they are not alone. Through Mary, many others in this book are also coming out. I hope all people that read this book understand that we might be different in many ways, but that different in this context is a good thing and is likely the next step in evolution. Our new set of skills are not frightening, but are partly the result of evolution and society's development.