The New Human is all about our evolution. We are evolving and we need to evolve for the survival of the human species and the planet. This evolution is also necessary for our planet to maintain its position in the Universe. 

The New Human is an extraordinary book. It holds vital information and keys for this process of evolution, this book is a catalyst. Not only does it expand our awareness and enhance our understanding of the most significant process happening on the planet today but the actual words, the stories and the information, hold frequencies that by reading them a person will be activated. The New Human  is a book that has the ability, on many levels, to wake people up and change the course of history.

By intelligently presenting extensive evidence and research, a subject that has been met with ridicule and discrimination has now been given the platform it deserves.

We need to listen and understand, take our heads out of the sand and embrace what is happening to our species. I would recommend this book to anyone who sees a world in need of change. To any person who wants to understand what is actually taking place on the planet and to humanity. To anyone who is feeling the effects of our planet's current state and to anyone who has sensed something big is going on. In particular, teachers, leaders, politicians, doctors, scientists, lawyers and those in
any position of authority need to become aware of this information to help guide
and ensure the necessary evolution of the species. The New Human is a book that will help heal and propel us towards a better future.

This information is leading edge. I congratulate Mary for her years of dedication to this field and on producing this valuable work.