The New Human is a timely book, if we view the current chaos on our planet and the need for radical change. Mary has interviewed hundreds of people world-wide and she gives us an extraordinary, hopeful message for the future.

Our species is evolving with the help of advanced, benevolent extraterrestrials. New children are being born with incredible gifts and insights into who they are and where they come from. They are highly intelligent, highly aware and many offer healing gifts for our planet and talk about bringing in new frequencies through their art, music and light languages. While the Transhumanist agenda advocates a more controllable, more
robotic human, better suited to a hive mentality, Mary, in contrast,  reveals through The New Human that a kinder, wiser, more loving species is being introduced to our
planet to wake us up and to remind us of our true destiny.

The New Human contains confirmation from  a molecular biologist and astrophysicist that changes are occurring to human DNA. While our news media focuses on war and political and economic chaos everywhere, this subtle change in the human species is occurring, unobserved by the general public or our leaders. Covert disinformation and debunking agendas over decades have made sure that the UFO and ET subjects are ridiculed and dismissed. Thank goodness this is changing, due  to the overwhelming evidence available now. These new children report on their star origins and what they are taught on extraterrestrial craft. The need for a new
education system becomes apparent since these children do not fit into the old, limiting system. They are not programmable robots. They know who they are. The New Human reveals a more honest, ethical and compassionate human being, highly attuned to Mother Earth and all species, both animal and human. They are true galactic humans. I applaud Mary for her groundbreaking work over the past twenty years in bringing this information out. The revelations in this book could be the catalyst for a better future for humanity and I cannot wait to see it unfold.