It was back in the 1960s that I started my serious research into the subject of UFOs, and very quickly came to the realization that the scientific community followed a status quo that opened no doors into the possibility of other realities.

Fifty-five years on and nothing has changed. In a review of a book about the hidden history of the human race, one man of science writes: "Your book is pure humbug and does not deserve to be taken seriously by anyone but a fool."Mary Rodwell's exciting new book, The New Human: Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage is of staggering importance in understanding the future of mankind. As Mary states, this is a book about the new kids on the block; children who have a different genetic makeup.

According to Mary's meticulous research of this global phenomenon, these children have been upgraded and numerous genes have recently been added to the human  genome. These children are essential to the survival of the human race. The first wave (of the modern era) happened over sixty years ago and there have been continuous improvements ever since. Once these children find themselves in positions to make real change: in politics, environment, health, healing and education, all life on Earth will move forward in Light and Love, as it was always destined to do. If you seriously want to discover what is truly happening to mankind at this important point in our evolution, you must read this book. Or, you may want to follow that sacred path of science: "Your book is pure humbug and does not deserve to be taken seriously by anyone but a fool." However, as Amber Jayanti says, in her book about the Tarot cards: "The fool appears to be walking off a cliff into the great beyond, denoting both a trusting attitude and life's infinite possibilities." This is a brave book and well done Mary Rodwell.