The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage is an evolutionary leap toward preparing us for the inevitable: the exciting moment when our collective human spirit (re)connects with the greater extraterrestrial reality.

Our cosmic family is indeed awaiting us on the new frontiers of higher consciousness! Author, Mary Rodwell,  a long-time expert of the expansive and emerging ET phenomenon, has written a stunning masterpiece that boldly synthesizes a huge array of extraordinary experiences. DNA decoding, hybrid children, parallel universes, soul connections, time machines, teleportation, pyramid technology, Mars bases, AI, off-planet agendas,  and many other fascinating subjects are amazingly sourced from first-hand contact experiences. The New Human takes you on an adventurous ride down the rabbit hole and is destined to rock the planet. Thank you, Mary, for all you are doing to enlighten and educate the world!

UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied, Solar (R)evolution, Packing For Mars, and Klaus Dona Chronicles.